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Damage Can Be Prevented - Better Safe Than Sorry

As it is well known to all the professionals and people who deal with this issue on a regular basis, there are numerous perils that can cause damage of products that are being packed and shipped to the required destination. Much more than traditional corner posts, our Tuff Angle edge protectors are able to lower the chances of such events that can bring to money losses and lot of frustration. These are not just empty words. Our corner boards have proven their superiority in the laboratory tests, as well as on the field. For its exceptional and high standard characteristics, our edge protectors earned ISTA approvement, because it is quite clear that they easily exceed the specifications and requirements that are demanded for such products by national Motor Freight Classification. Moreover, all of this comes as a lower cost which is enabled by an ingenious design that also enables extremely simple procedures of packing.

Shipping Damage

One of the brilliant advantages of cardboard edge protectors is their ability to prevent abrasion damage that so frequently occurs during the shipments. This sort of devastation of items is caused by the vibrations that are present during the stage of shipping. For the purpose of preventing of such damage, Tuff Angle corner boards can be used as inner pack that increases stacking strength, as well as an air cell that improves clearance. On the other hand, it is even possible to utilize them instead of the box if you pair them with stretch wrap. In each of these cases, it is possible to apply an appropriate coating to lessen or totally eliminate potential scuffing. This practically means that there is no need for plastic bags that are sometimes used for this purpose. Since those plastic bags are much more expensive, this sort of protection reduces the overall cost, so the customers get multiple advantages.

Tuff Angle edge protectors are also very helpful in preventing incidents that are caused by banding when too much tension can bring to unwanted results. Our product excels in this situation due to its amazing cushioning that is enabled with patented triple folded design. The design in question reinforces the corners, which are traditionally the weakest part of the package, and absorbs the greatest chunk of tension. Finally, cardboard edge protectors are also very useful in preventing damage that happen during the material handling which is once again the result of clever design. It has been repeatedly proven that they offer sufficient protection for items to be moved by clamp trucks.

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More Packaging Accidents

It is not that seldom that the goods get damaged during the packaging and shipping and there are quite a few reasons why that is so. Sometimes, the reasons for accidents with products that are packed are the poor choice of packaging solutions, inadequate choice of material that cannot withstand pressure or protect the items. In other cases, the main reason is the fragile nature of the products that are being packed, unprofessional work or a simple sloppiness. Whatever the reason may be, people who receive damaged goods suffer financial losses and often get very upset because of it. Of course, each of these problems can be prevented with the use of Tuff Angle edge protectors that due to its unique characteristics can safeguard almost every product, even the most fragile ones. However, there are some people who are not using cardboard edge protectors or other adequate packaging solutions and end up with damaged goods. Here are some stories and negative experiences that occurred during packing and transport. Though it is quite certain that people who were affected by these incidents do not find them amusing as others, it is in a way a good experience that can help people prevent the same unfortunate events in the future.

Shipping Accidents

The first case is one of Ellen Harding from New York who ordered a power mixer on Ebay. She was promised by the seller that the product will come packed safely with the use of Styrofoam and bubble wrap. Likewise, she was told that the box will be marked as “fragile” and at that point everything seemed to be working like a charm. However, as soon as she laid her eyes on the package, she was aware that there will be problems with her new mixer. The first obvious fault was the fact that the item was put in a box that was too small for the entire product to be fitted inside. The seller had a ‘clever’ way to compensate it, and it involved pieces of cardboard and duct tape. Besides, instead of bubble wrap, the seller used newspapers. At the end, she got a non-functional product, but fortunately, she was able to get her money back.

The other incident comes from the experience of Nick Johnson, a petrol-head from Pennsylvania who ordered a nice looking fender for his treasured car. Of course, he was greeted with an unpleasant sight when he received the package. To Mr. Johnson’s surprise, the seller decided to wrap it in simple plastic wrap that was too tight. That sort of choice meant that the fender was folded and wrapped in a way that brought to immediate damage, even before it was shipped. Sadly for the car enthusiast, the conditions did not involve any returns or refunds, so at the end, he lost money and got a product that he couldn’t use.

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Peculiar Packaging and Shipping Experiences

Even though there is always a certain possibility that there will be some problems with the packaging and shipments of various items, some recorded cases even exceed the wildest imagination. For the people who are directly affected with those unfortunate incidents, it is probably not that interesting or funny. However, the rest are usually amused with unexpected situation that can happen.

One of the unusual stories that occurred is expressed through the experience of Billy Hudson from Iowa, who found out that even when the package comes unharmed, it does not necessarily mean that there will be no problems. His problems started when he tried to “liberate” the item from the package. The product in question was a writing desk, made of solid oak wood. As it is expected, that sort of item is very heavy. In order to prevent the damages on the sturdy and valuable package, the company that sent the item decided to secure the desk with several layers and cushioning. That apparently helped to maintain the integrity of the table, but also made the task of unwrapping it extremely laborious.

Peculiar Shipping Accidents

The first problem was removing the giant cardboard box that was used for packaging. In addition, the box had a warning written on it according to which in the case of the return of the product, the packaging needs to be preserved. For this reason, Mr. Hudson was very careful with the use of scissors and scalpel that he slashed the tape with. Another difficulty was to take out the massive desk from the box and it required a fair amount of sweat until he finally somehow succeeded to slide it from underneath. The next required step was to remove all the polystyrene sheets that were used to wrap the product, with the minimum amount of damage in the process. After this, he had to unscrew the handles of drawers that were fitted inside to prevent damage during transport. Only after all of these steps and two hours of hard work, it was all done. Once again, it was proven that complicated packaging requires a multitude of tedious operations while wrapping and unwrapping, which is quite opposite to when you decide to use cardboard edge protectors to secure the product in question.

Another peculiar story involves an accident that happened with the company from New Zealand that wanted to transport its goods to Ireland two years ago. It is the ironic story of very valuable package of fine wine, worth almost one million dollars. In this instance, the ironic part was that it was wine made by Astrolabe manufacturer and that the container ship got stuck on Astrolabe reef during the transport. This sort of cruel irony was not funny at all to the representatives of New Zealand company that had to deal with immense loses, because the shipments missed the dead line, and was not delivered until the Christmas for which it was intended.

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Flexible Sizes Appropriate for Any Product

Sometimes, companies are faced with some situations for which they are not prepared for and that cannot be planned with utmost certainty. A good example of these problems is often the situation in which firms tend to send the shipments of items whose characteristics, such as size and shape, they do not know in advance. However, in spite of these uncertainties, in some instances, it is needed to have inventory supplies in order to maximize the speed of the procedure.

The most usual response to the difficulties of products with different traits are various stock-keeping units. This is not the ultimate or even appropriate solution, because it can cause multiple additional hardships. In some industries, it is almost impossible to guess what the item will look like, since its appearance changes constantly. Besides, it can also happen that, due to shape and size, the production of necessary boxes is not possible since it would not be economical to make them. So without appropriate solutions, the companies faced with the situation are forced to opt for custom packaging. Anyone who was faced with this hardship knows that custom packaging is not only difficult, but also unreasonably expensive. However, this is not the reason to despair, because there is a perfect cure for this – Tuff Angle edge protectors.

Our cardboard protectors can be effortlessly used to construct the needed suspension frame. Likewise, the procedure to do it never changes and can be done by anyone and it doesn’t consume much time. The whole thing can be done in a few minutes and works very well if you need to ship, for example, a picture frame (by the way, the applicability of corner boards to protect was proven in the lab, after extensive testing). With a few simple measurements, four width pieces of “jumbo sized’ corner boards (two of the same size as the frame’s width, and two that are two and a quarter inches longer), two width pieces and some glue, you will have a bottom tray that will fit perfectly and prevent any damages. After that, all you need is a top tray that can be made with four additional pieces that are also two and a quarter of inch longer) which will fit the bottom one and provide additional protection. The last step is to place a corrugated sheet over the openings and to attach it with glue (or tape or staples. With this simple procedure, your custom-made package is done almost instantly!

The only exception is if you are dealing with sensitive finishes. In that case is advisable to use a plastic barrier, a tissue or foam. But as the final result, you get an extremely safe custom packaging, at the very affordable price. Tuff Angle corner board has shown their amazing applicability once again!

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Switching to Tuff Angle Edge Protectors is a Great Long-Term Decision

People sometimes tend to stick to the traditional solutions, just because they feel that moving to new products requires effort, and that it might bring some unexpected problems that they are not accustomed to. Using this approach in choosing the way to protect your packages is wrong for several reasons. The most obvious reason why this is the case is the mere fact that old and traditionally used corner boards are not even close in providing the needed protection when compared to Tuff Angle edge protectors. Even though the old ways of protecting the shipments do meet the regulations that are prescribed by the National Motor Freight Classification, we can confidently claim that it is simply not the case, since the regulation concentrates on the thickness of the product. This characteristic of the item does not definitely decide the overall quality. It is clear, without any doubt, that our cardboard edge protectors can make a substantial difference in safeguarding the shipments. This is achieved by the clever design.

The patented features and the manner of production of our product increase the quality and necessary protection to the level that is unreachable to the rival products made by the competition. The improved characteristics can be reached through the use of forward thinking and by the implementation of simple solutions, and cardboard edge protectors are the best example for this. Tuff Angle Edge Protectors are made with the process that includes folding, rather than simple layering, and that makes a whole lot of difference. With each new fold, the strength and ability to protect the more or less valuable shipment (though every package should be regarded as valuable, simply because even the damage to cheaper items brings losses and can potentially harm the company in the long run) is increased to the final level that might even seem unrealistic to many people. That is, before they actually experience the exceptional qualities of the product by themselves.

Tuff Angle edge protectors are also incredibly safe and successful in the prevention of damage that occur during banding. During the strapping of the products that are about to be shipped, it is very customary that the employee who is in charge for that task tends to perform this operation as tight as possible, just to be sure it will hold in place. However, that can lead to negative effects on the package, especially when they use poly or steel. To counteract this very possible scenario, cardboard edge protectors increase the protection on the corner, the most common part that gets harmed during banding.

12 Mar Post by Tuff Angle

Additional Perks of Edge Protectors

Apart from its basic use in packaging, our corner boards have additional uses and convenient characteristics that are quite useful in all the stages of shipping products. Not only that Tuff Angle edge protectors perform exceptionally in safeguarding the item you want to pack, they also have a few unexpected uses, which only increases the number of reasons why they make such a great packing option. Likewise, these extraordinary qualities are enabled with their practical and clever design, so it is also possible to get the best product without having to pay more money. In fact, since they are extremely good at preventing various types of damages, and since they help in many stages and eliminate the need for extra protection that is often used, they in fact help you save money.

Cardboard edge protectors with the Tuff Angle brand have proven to be very helpful in preventing material handling damage. Once again, this due to the folded patented design that includes the process where corrugated layers are scored, smeared with glue and folded three times and then folded once again into the right angle. In this way, we achieve a triple protection of the product that naturally has an immense effect of minimizing the possibility of harmful effects on items while they are being handled. For this reason, Tuff Angle edge protectors have passed the tests of independent laboratories with flying colors, even though these trials of endurance of our packaging solution was used to protect a delicate matter, such is a picture frame. Apart from these challenges in the lab environment, cardboard edge protectors are regularly proving their worth in the field, whilst being moved in clamp trucks.

This brings us to another additional quality of Tuff Angle edge protectors which is their immense stacking strength that allows them to be used in the best possible manner during the storage and transport. Unlike the regular corner boards, our products enable vertical strength. In this way, it is possible to have two levels of stacking in a truck that is used for transfer, and even to utilize them for multi-stacking in warehouses. A feature like this helps you to use the space more rationally, and on the end, to save money. Furthermore, our product can be used to stabilize shipments. The list of perks does not end here just yet, because there is one more amazing use of edge protectors which can also serve as the product for portable racking. Naturally, this cannot be done in unstable situation or great heights, and can result in flattening over time. However, it is another great example of all the advantages you get if you opt for this product.

27 Feb Post by Tuff Angle

Unique and Unparalleled Traits

Thanks to careful planning and application of ingenious yet simple and not too costly operations, Tuff Angle edge protectors have the ability to offer advantages that simply cannot be rivaled. Since the whole process enables adjustment of all related variables, cardboard edge protectors provide a host of novel packaging options which is a feature that recommends this product even more.

Not only that there is a choice to select the necessary leg sizes (which can even be different from each other), our edge protectors can provide further adjustments in order to provide the maximal suitability for the vast diversity of items. This means that is possible to pick the length of corner board. Additionally, there is also a possibility to utilize different paper grade of the product, in order to adjust packaging because of the different requirements and general purposes of an item. Thus, this tweak can be made to reduce the price and to offer more cushioning or resistance to shocks and bumps. If it is needed, the available adjustment can substantially increase the stacking strength of a package.

The mentioned ability to improve resilience or to raise stacking strength is possible due to the proprietary process of folding of cardboard being used, as well with the option to utilize different direction of fluting. For example, if the intention is to significantly increase stacking strength, the solution will be to use four multilayered cardboard edge protectors which will be placed vertically. Each of the legs consists of three layers will be engineered with the matching vertical direction of fluting. Practically, it means that the corner boards have a substantially larger ability for carrying weight. Consequently, in this manner the customers can achieve wiser and efficient use of warehouses or trucks during the shipping. With the more efficient use of space, it is natural that the final result is the reduction of cost that does not compromise safety of packages.

The explained solution of adjustment of corrugation direction is patented and protected by our company, and is not available in any other edge protectors. Even if it was, it would not make a significant difference and would not improve their resistance, because this solution is adjusted to the innovative process of making Tuff Angle Edge Protectors that consist of three glued layers of corrugated sheet which get folded in right angle until they dry.

Besides, the applicability and adjustability of our edge protectors is further enhanced with the use of different coatings. According to necessary trait that should be enhanced, different coatings can guard from UV exposure, minimize abrasion and stop slippage. The choice of coating is also depending on the material of the surface that is being protected. Due to this trait, it is possible to eliminate the use of plastic bags as a means of protection which highly decreases the price and removes one phase in the process and thus increases the efficiency.

16 Feb Post by Tuff Angle

Proven, Tested, Never Bested

In order to be ahead of the competition and to make our product superior to other packaging options, Tuff Angle Edge Protectors incorporate a host of patented solutions that significantly improve it. All of the amazing traits of this versatile product are tested by an independent facility with the use of the prescribed procedures. These tests clearly show that cardboard edge protectors are reliable choice which offers maximal safety and protection for the packages at the reduced cost.

One of the tests that were done to determine the strength of protection that edge protectors provide was performed in Cincinnati. The mail goal of the examination was to show how edge protectors would serve as a means to package a large picture frame. Rather sturdy yet at the same time somewhat delicate, the large item with the dimensions of 31 ¼’’ x 24 ½’’ x 8’’ and the weight of 15 ¼ lbs. was chosen in order to show how Tuff Angle Edge Protectors work.

As it was noted, the staff of the lab wanted to evaluate the products endurance and its applicability as a protector of goods during the domestic and overnight shipping. To check Tuff Angle Edge Protector’s strength, the lab personnel decided to perform controlled exposure to vibration and freefall. This procedure is utilized in order to figure out how a package responds to usual conditions that occur or might occur during shipping. It is suppose to mimic the shocks and bumps that are stressing the items during a truck or an airplane ride. The package that is tested gets repetitively vibrated for thousand times, turned over and then it is subjected to shock vibrations again, with another series of thousands of impacts. The orientation of the vibrations is changed during the test to provide more accurate results.

After the lab personnel shook the package well and got over with this part of the test, it was time for testing how it would react to freefalling. This part of the simulation of shipping hazards involves dropping the package from the height 30''. In order to get a clearer picture of how the package would react if it is dropped, this procedure also requires changes. The package is tested ten times, and each time is dropped on a different side.

After all of these abuses, shocks and bumps, the contents of the package were examined. As it turned out, the test that is absolute accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 standard showed that cardboard edge protectors do meat requirements and are safe and reliable. The inspection after the heavy abuse of the package has shown only minor abrasions on the bottom and sides, but no other damage.

The performed way of determining the strength of the package is in accordance to the regulations of the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA). However, testing being used also correspond to rules and standard procedures of American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI), Department of Transportation (DOT), Federal Specifications and Standards and Military Specification.

09 Feb Post by Tuff Angle

Size Does Matter and So Does the Functionality

In order to be functional and appropriate for the packing of various different products, a packaging solution needs to include certain versatility and potential to adapt. Tuff Angle Edge Protectors posses exactly the needed qualities, since they are available in many different leg sizes. There are many reasons why companies opt for any of the available options, and the main ones are choosing the ones according to the price (it cannot be stressed enough how much the cost needs to be underlined in every phase of production, packaging and shipping included), as well as functionality.

These useful qualities of cardboard edge protectors, available in different sizes, can be seen in the following examples. If a firm likes one leg to be a bit longer so it would be able to protect especially sensitive and fragile part, that is highly doable. In contrast, it is likewise possible to design one leg shorter if the desire is to decrease the price. For this to be possible, Tuff Angle protectors are made in an innovative and patented manner. They are made by the original way of folding. Even though legs are made with the use of the same individual corrugated sheet, there is an option to make scores anywhere on it. This way, panels can be folded where is necessary and the customer can have almost the exact dimension that he or she requires. Additionally, each new fold contributes to the increase of corner toughness.

The functionality of our product also enables going in the desired direction, and attention can be turned to enabling larger resistance to impact, bigger strength needed for stacking, or improved ability to withstand scuffing. The latter trait brings us back to ever important reducing of cost, since it is the good way to get rid of costly additions to packages, such as plastic bags.

In some instances, certain products require extra thick protection. Our solution for these purposes is the use of Jumbo cornerboards that have an amazing thickness of about 1 1/8’’. This brings us back to the patented design and the process of creating edge protectors. Three layers of individual sheet (with the thickness of about 1/8’’) are folded, and in this way we get a sheet that has the thickness of somewhere around 3/8’’. Besides, it is important to add that sheets being used are double-sided, meaning that each of the panels has a flat surface.

The special edge protectors that are called jumbo cornerboards are made using a doublewall sheet which includes two kinds of flutes on a sheet which are then attached to the sides of a sheet. The final result of folding of three layers brings about very thick or jumbo edge protectors. These are 1 1/8’’ thick and enable impressive stacking strength and can reduce product harming in an unparalleled fashion.

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Save Money and Rest Assured While Your Product Gets Shipped

Shipping of items, as packaging professionals surely already know by now, is a potentially dangerous stage. The transportation of packages carries many risks and can ultimately cause the damages to various products. None of the harmed products can meet demands and standards that are necessary so that they would be appealing and in accordance with the desires of either salesmen or customers. For this reason, companies can get on a slippery-slope which bares the risk of smaller profits or even losses. Naturally, everyone who values his business will do its best to make sure this is avoided, because even the slightest unexpected expenses carry the risk of falling behind the competitors. And even the problem that seemed as a slight issue has the potential to cause the avalanche of setbacks.

Fortunately, the situation is not that bleak as it might seem after these facts. There is a simple way to protect your shipments. As have you probably guessed by now, that solution is the use of Tuff Angle Edge Protectors. Let us elaborate why this is so. The biggest threats during shipping are vibrations that are common in this stage and that have the potential to create product abrasion. In order to prevent this from happening, the most common solution is to insure that shipments are stabilized as much as it is possible. That is why so many companies try to make their packages as tight as they can. The utilization of cardboard edge protectors is a convenient way to make this happen without having to increase the cost.

Because of their unique traits, it is possible to use edge protectors as an inner pack and in that way to make sure that the package will have increased stacking strength. Another possibility is utilizing them in the combination with stretchwrap and thus avoiding the inclusion of outer cardboard. This can bring to an additional reduction of costs for packaging, since this solution eliminates the need for pricy plastic bags and it replaces an additional operation in the process of packaging.

Once again, it is important to underline that Tuff Angle Edge Protectors are a great means to stabilize shipments. The possibility of insuring that each of the individual units is tight is available for many different products, since our company offers a wide array of cardboard edge protectors, with the thinnest of them being 3/16" and the thickest ones measuring 1 1/8". Another bonus in opting for our product is the fact that the actual strength is not directly determined by the thickness. Even better for those who require thicker edge protectors, neither is the price. For all the reasons listed above, it seems very clear that Tuff Angle Edge Protectors are the ultimate way of securing that no damage occurs during the shipments, while simultaneously keeping the expenses lower than expected.



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