Stretch Wrap Applications

Tuff Angle Edge Protectors and
StretchWrap Applications An Ideal Solution

Offering True Protection
Tuff Angle Edge Protectors

Major manufacturers utilize stretchwrap packaging and Tuff Angle edge protectors to save on packaging materials, packaging labor, material handling damage, shipping damage, and to permit inspection upon arrival.

Stretch wrap applications using Tuff Angle edge protectors have had years of successful production, marketing, and field testing.

Stretch film applications are also used by marketing to create visibility of the product in order to increase sales.

Tuff Angle edge protectors can help your product stand out over the competition!

Get Rid Of The Carton

Companies should consider the savings opportunities of stretchwrap packaging and Tuff Angle edge protectors over their current method of cartoning. The significance of the possible savings is worth the investigation.

Our customers have eliminated many of their boxes and poly bags used to prevent abrasion, instead replacing them with abrasion coated Tuff Angle edge protectors and stretch film.

Our customers have benefited from the savings on big ticket cost like cartons, bags, labor to carton and bag, warehouse space needed to carton and bag, and cash flow return from the reduction of dollars tied up in inventory.

Reduce Packaging Labor Cost

Packaging is often a labor intensive operation for companies:

  • Boxes must be received in from the supplier.
  • They must be stored in the warehouse.
  • They must be retrieved when needed for packing.
  • Someone must be assigned to set up the box in advance of packing.
  • Product must then be packed.
  • Finally the carton must be sealed by tape, glue, or staples.

Sometimes a polybag is used to prevent abrasion of the product by the corrugated box and the entire expense and supply chain sequence begins again.

There are a lot of efficiencies and dollars tied up in that routine. Why not replace packaging, labor, warehouse, and supply chain cost with a stretchwrap system and Tuff Angle edge protectors? Imagine the savings!

Stand Out From The Competition

Increase customer confidence and create interest in your product. Use Tuff Angle edge protectors and poly film to allow customer visibility of your products. "Open packs" have a proven marketing record. Which one would you buy: the one you see, or the one you can't?

Go Green

Save the planet and save on packaging cost! As you reduce packaging and labor cost, you can also feel satisfied that you are making decisions that will help the environment by reducing landfill requirements through reduced packaging materials.

Tuff Angle edge protectors are made from recycled paper, are biodegradable, are durable enough to be reused, and can be recycled!

Increase Value

Companies are always looking for value - how to do it better and cheaper than the competition, particularly in today's economy.

It's not always an easy proposition as many before have exhausted the big dollar ideas.
That is until a new idea comes along like Tuff Angle edge protectors.

They are so durable and the possibility of savings is so large that you should consider stretchwrap and Tuff Angle edge protectors in your company's packaging operation