Small Quantities

Tuff Angle Edge Protectors
Provide Small Quantity Solutions

Small Quantity Solutions
Easy Custom Packaging
Small Quantity Solutions
Providing Extra Protection

Tuff Angle edge protectors provide small quantity solutions for packaging buyers and professionals. Companies that need to buy boxes in small quantities, face an almost insurmountable problem as they try to hold down packaging cost.

One solution is to purchase off the shelf "stock boxes", rather than custom made. Two other strategies are multidepth boxes, and telescoping halves of boxes that slide over each other for fit. Some companies use a common size box for many products and add filler.

Warehouse space and inventory cost is a concern when each item must have its own box. Boxes take up a lot of room. Warehouse space and personnel is expensive. Slow inventory turnover creates cash flow problems. Even so, there are few solutions.

Tuff Angle edge protectors add one more alternative to the buyers' arsenal. Employees can build an extremely protective custom sized box in minutes for almost any product.

Essentially, the idea is to build a protective frame around the product using Tuff Angle edge protectors, and then to cover the openings with a flat sheet or stretch wrap.

Tuff Angle edge protectors provide small quantity solutions because they are cheap, cut easily to any size, and assemble quickly with glue, staples, or tape.

A single inventory item can be used to construct a custom shipping box in minutes for virtually any size product.

They have a naturally built in straight edge that simplifies the construction and "take up factors" when trying to build a custom box. They eliminate the hard math.

Have an emergency? Shipment needs to go and no box on the floor? Let Tuff Angle edge protectors handle all of your emergencies. In minutes, you can build a box that will get that shipment on its way.

The next time your company finds that buying a custom sized box is too expensive, and making them by hand impractical, consider Tuff Angle edge protectors. They may be just the answer you've been seeking.