Prevent Material Handling Damage

Use Tuff Angle Edge Protectors to
Prevent Material Handling Damage

Prevent Material Handling Damage
Exceeds NMFC Standards
Prevent Material Handling Damage
Reinforced Corners
Prevent Material Handling Damage
Thick vs Thin

Tuff Angle edge protectors prevent material handling damage better than traditional "layered up" corner post.

We used to layer up cardboard sheets to make built up blocks for the furniture industry.

My partner could lean on a 6" built up block and make it collapse(he's bigger than me). There is simply no strength in that configuration. That's how most edge protectors are made.

On the other hand, when folded, corrugated cardboard becomes very strong. It is the essence of why Tuff Angle edge protectors are so strong.

Tuff Angle edge protectors were awarded a "design" patent for their unique folding configuration.

Tuff Angle edge protectors are scored, glue is applied, and then the corrugated sheet is triple folded to resemble a tri-fold wallet.

The three interlocking layers, in the flat, are again bent along score lines into a 90 degree angle. If this was a box, it would be a triplewall outer container like the watermelon bulk boxes at Walmart.

Imagine the layers just to get through in order to damage your product. Material handling damage will become an afterthought. Imagine also the stacking strength of that box. That's what you get with Tuff Angle edge protectors.

But more than that, the number of folds and bends directed toward the corners of these edge protectors, really give a phenomenal amount of strength; and an excellent ability to resist impact in the corners where a great deal of damage occurs. You will prevent material handling damage with Tuff Angle edge protectors.

A packaging engineer once tested Tuff Angle for his company by swinging a piece of rebar like a baseball bat, and also hitting it with a hammer.

He said, "This has performed better than any other edge protector I've ever tried". No other edge protector had ever passed his personal test. Tuff Angle did!

Tuff Angle edge protectors have been successfully field-tested with clamp trucks. They work perfectly for stretch wrap packaging applications and have been independently laboratory tested using the most fragile product we could envision, a glassed in picture frame.

After a 10 point drop test and approximately 21,000 vibrations the glassed in picture frame was undamaged and was awarded ISTA 181a, and 181g approval.

Another particularly notable feature is the thickness of Tuff Angle edge protectors. Cardboard sheets are available in different "flutes" or thicknesses. "N" flute is thin like a McDonald's hamburger box. "A" flute makes a very fat sheet. "A" flute combined with "C" flute makes an ultra thick doublewall sheet. When using an A/C doublewall sheet the resulting cornerboard is not only super strong, but is also over an inch thick. Appproximately 1 1/8".

Many packs specified in the National Motor Freight Classification guide require an edge protector to be at least 1" thick and a minimum of three plies. Tuff Angle edge protectors meet all of these requirements.

If you need an edge protector that will prevent material handling damage from forklifts, clamp trucks, nicks and bangs while in transit, then Tuff Angle edge protectors might just be the solution.