Prevent Banding Damage

Learn to Prevent Banding Damage
With Tuff Angle Edge Protectors

Flexible Packaging
Prevent Damage from Banding
With Tuff Angle Edge
Protectors Solutions

Poly strapping and steel strapping can cause banding damage when tensioning products for shipment. Tuff Angle edge protectors can prevent this from occurring by protecting valuable shipments when an employee cranks down on the strapping tool as tightly as possible.

We've all done it. It's the natural tendency.

Tuff Angle edge protectors are available in a variety of thicknesses up to approximately 1 1/8".

The triple fold design provides tremendous cushioning.

With extra reinforcement to the corners where the band tends to leave indentation marks and damage.

Depending on the product, companies can use a very thin protector.

But, you are taking your chances with this type of packaging.

When the product is delicate enough, the customer is mad enough, the value is high enough, and it absolutely must be right;

Place your confidence in Tuff Angle's extra thick, heavy duty edge protector.

At over 1" thick, with folds reinforcing the corners that absorb the most tension, Tuff Angle edge protectors will prevent damage from overtensioning the strapping tool.

They also offer a great deal of impact resistance from material handling in the warehouse.