Portable Racking

Portable Racking
Yet Another Use for Tuff Angle Edge Protectors

Portable Racking
Portable Racking

Tuff Angle edge protectors are strong enough to be used as portable racking in the warehouse, which is just another example of just how strong and durable they are. Common sense is in order though. We don't use them in high or unstable situations where they could fall. In time, even as strong as they are, they will flatten and need to be replaced.

They are proven to be convenient, portable, durable, inexpensive, and able to carry fairly heavy loads. We simply lay two or more on the floor (the 2 legs down, and the corner up), parallel to each other and evenly spread across the stacking area. Then we simply stack on them.

Typically, we stack large heavy corrugated sheets. They are flat and stable enough that we often place more Tuff Angle edge protectors on top of the first unit (same method as before), and stack another level of heavy sheets on top of it, or even sometimes a third.

We don't stack very high, or with sizes and shapes that will fall over, but we do handle a lot of weight.

Tuff Angle edge protectors are able to handle a job this tough because of the folding configuration which in itself adds a great deal of strength, but also interlocks each leg with the other.

The interlocking legs help the angle resist bending flat. However, in this kind of use environment they eventually will flatten and need be replaced.

We use a Tuff Angle "Jumbo" edge protector which is over 1" thick. When they straighten over time, as long as the units are stable, we don't always replace them.

They are so thick, that even when flattened, they still offer more than an inch clearance for our forks to get under.

In the final analysis they lift our corrugated sheets off the floor, which provides a barrier from dirt or water. They help us to efficiently use the vertical space in our warehouse, and ground clearance prevents forklift damage to our corrugated sheets. Practical and inexpensive, we use them for long periods of time.

Once again a word of caution. Don't use them in dangerous situations. This is not the intent of their original design. We are actually stressing the angle in the opposite direction from the intended design. This in itself is quite a testament to their strength.

We've simply found that when judiciously used as portable racking they have served us well. We gain space that we desperately need. If Tuff Angle edge protectors are rugged enough to be used in the warehouse as portable racking, imagine how safe your product will be when you use them as a shipping barrier for your products!