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Fragile Shipments
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Fragile Shipments
Quality Suspension Pack

Protect your fragile shipments with this easy to build, and ISTA approved pack. Picture frame damage was an ongoing problem for a retail shipping outlet. We were asked if we could design a pack using Tuff Angle edge protectors that would solve the problem.

Not only did we design a pack for fragile items, but it was a utilitarian design that works for many products and we had it ISTA approved by an independent testing laboratory. Additionally, the construction pattern is easy to understand, takes only minutes, and is easy to build making it a huge breakthrough for custom packaging.


Testing was performed by an ISTA approved testing facility on July 7th, 2009. For a full copy of the report, let us know through our contact page. A summary of the results is as follows:

Test Purpose:

To determine through controlled vibration and free fall drop testing, the pack's ability to protect contents for domestic and overnight shipping environment.

Test Performed:


Sequence of Testing:

The pack was vibrated for one hour per ISTA procedure 1G on the random vibration table (14,200 impacts, rotated 90 degrees after 7,100 impacts). Then ISTA procedure 1G ten drop series was performed.


Inspection revealed abrasion on the sides and bottom of the picture frame but no other damage.

Note: We were not testing for abrasion, and this should probably not be a part of the report.

We were testing structural integrity and the ability to prevent breakage of fragile items. But let's learn from the results.

Unless a specific coating is engineered for your product, we suggest tissue, plastic, or some other barrier to protect sensitive finishes.

We were using an off the shelf, glassed in picture frame with an unknown finish.

Testing Compliance and Regulation:

The completed testing "was in compliance" with ISO/IEC 17025 and was in compliance with the customer requested test(s) and requirements.

Test Criteria and Understanding:

All reasonable efforts have been exercised to provide accurate data from resultant tests or consultation. Test methods utilized and followed in conducting various test involve standards established by A.S.T.M., T.A.P.P.I., D.O.T., Federal Spec. and Mil-Spec., I.S.T.A., as well as private company test standards and procedures.

Independent testing lab only assumes responsibility for test data, and assumes no responsibility or guarantees /warranties regarding (specifically stated or implied) performance. Responsibilities are those of the user/supplier/client, of which the independent testing facility assumes no responsibility.


We passed. Here are the highlights:

  • It takes only minutes and is easy to build.
  • It is a utilitarian shipper that easily can be used for many products.
  • It is a suspension pack with at least 2" clearance on all sides which is in compliance with UPS requirements.

We Chose a "Glassed In" Picture Frame For a Reason:

Our customer was experiencing damage when they shipped picture frames and the like, so we were consulted for help. We also felt that if we could demonstrate through third party regulatory testing the ability to protect one of the most fragile products, we would engender a certain amount of confidence in companies trying to safely ship a product.