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Flexible Packaging for Varying Container Shapes and Sizes

Flexible Packaging
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Flexible Packaging
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Tuff Angle edge protectors offer flexible packaging solutions for companies that ship varying or unknown product sizes and shapes, but find it necessary to maintain a limited supply of packaging inventory supplies.

Many companies have multiple SKUs which makes it very hard to plan, buy, and stock the ideal packaging inventory for shipping. Some companies such as art dealers and retail shipping outlets, can seldom depend on product size or shape to be consistent. Some shapes, sizes, and quantities of boxes just can't be economically or reasonably manufactured. In addition, many companies have a fair amount of expensive, laborious, and time consuming hand work involved in custom packaging.

Tuff Angle edge protectors offer one of the best solutions for these situations of any product on the market.

For example, a suspension frame pack using Tuff Angle edge protectors is easy to construct, and uses the same easy-to-build construction pattern every time. Tuff Angle's straight lines, and design pattern help eliminate the difficult math involved in building a box.

Consider a picture frame: frequently, they are brought to retail outlets to be shipped. The shape is generally rectangular or square, but the frame sizes vary considerably. The product is fragile, and damage is an ongoing problem.

With a picture frame, the basic construction pattern is as follows when using Tuff Angle's "jumbo" edge protectors:

  • Measure the picture frame length
  • Cut two Tuff Angle pieces 2 1/4" inches longer than that measurement.
  • Cut two pieces the same size as the frame width.
  • Lay the two length pieces parallel to each other as though you were going to enclose the picture frame.
  • Then lay the two width pieces suspended across them.

Voila! It's that simple. You've made a bottom tray that suspends and surrounds the product on all sides for a snug fit, which is critical in preventing damage. Talk about flexible packaging!

Of course, you'll have to apply a couple of drops of white glue like Elmer's to adhere the width and length pieces. The entire pack takes only minutes to build, and requires very little cutting, measuring, figuring bend tolerances, gluing, or scoring.

The next step is to build a top tray in exactly the same way that will telescope and fit over the bottom tray. Simply cut four more pieces, only 2 1/4" longer. Assemble as before.

Top frame slides over the bottom frame for double protection on the sides and a snug fit. Cover the openings with a flat corrugated sheet. Attach the sheet with staples, glue or tape.
Tuff Angle edge protectors are safe and easy to use with staples. At over 1" thick, the staple cannot penetrate them far enough to cause product damage, but allows them to clasp and hold. This is a very flexible packaging material!

This packaging design also has some freight advantages. It meets the requirements of freight companies as a "regular" package, not subject to additional freight charges. It is also I.S.T.A. approved to ship one of the most fragile items that we could envision subjecting to a 181 A/G vibration and drop test. A glassed in picture frame!

Note: unless specifically engineered and coated to protect a specific surface finish, you should consider a tissue, foam, or plastic barrier around delicate finishes to prevent surface abrasion.

Because Tuff Angle edge protectors are a little over 1" thick, another benefit of this pack occurs when one sits atop the other; the final suspended product has more than a 2" aircell of clearance on both the top and bottom of the pack. Furthermore, a 2" barrier is also achieved on all six sides when the top tray slides down over the bottom tray.

In minutes, you can build a suspension tray, with an almost impenetrable barrier that meets freight carrier requirements for a 2" clearance between the product and the outside container on all six sides. An engineering feat made simple!

Another advantage is that Tuff Angle edge protectors make it easy to know and estimate the cost of materials required to package the product and shortens the time involved. They require very little space as they can arrive in a box that fits in the corner making them extremely economical.

When custom boxes are the order of the day, when product shape and sizes change, or when you are out of a box, Tuff Angle edge protectors will provide the flexible packaging you need to get shipments out the door cheaper, faster, and safer. When you need flexible packaging, Tuff Angle edge protectors may be the solution you seek!