Eliminate Abrasions

Resist Abrasion with Tuff
Angle Edge Protectors

Resist Abrasion
Inner Pack Strength
and Cushioning
Resist Abrasion
Proper Cushioning and Protection

Vibration during shipment is a primary cause of product abrasion. Corrugated boxes and innerpack have somewhat rough surfaces that can damage painted and stained finishes.

Axiom one is: Keep the pack as tight as possible to prevent movement.

It's actually a good rule to remember for most designs.

Tuff Angle edge protectors can also help with the problem.

They can be used as inner pack for additional stacking strength, or as an air cell for clearance.

They can also be used to replace the outer carton with stretchwrap. In either case, a coating can be applied to reduce or eliminate scuffing.

It is a popular option, because it is then possible to replace expensive plastic bags used for the same purpose, with the lower cost option of a coating.

It also eliminates the need for another manufacturing operation to place the bag over the product.

Manufacturing space, warehouse space, packaging materials, and labor can all reduced by implementing this solution.