Variable Sizes

Variable Leg Sizes for Maximum
Packaging Efficiency

Variable Sizes For Your Every Need

Tuff Angle edge protectors come in variable leg sizes. They can be specified for cost and function.

If one leg needs to be a little longer in order to protect a fragile portion of the product, it can be designed that way.

If the dimension of the other leg can be shorter in order to reduce cost, it can be designed that way as well.

Either feature is possible due to Tuff Angle's patented folding design. While each leg is formed from the same single corrugated sheet, scores can be made anywhere on the sheet that allow panels to be folded and refolded into relatively exact leg dimensions. Each fold also reinforcing and strengthening the corner.

Tuff Angle edge protectors have many engineerable features. They can be engineered for additional stacking strength or to resist impact.

Corrugation direction can be reversed, different paper grades can be used to effect strength or cushioning and coatings can be applied to resist scuffing or to save money by eliminating plastic bags.