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Corrugation Direction
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Corrugation Direction
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Corrugation direction is yet another engineer-able feature of Tuff Angle edge protectors.

Naturally strong due to the patented folding configuration; both stacking strength and impact resistance can be enhanced further by changing the direction that the corrugation (fluting) runs.

Folded three layers thick, glued with interlocking layers of sheets reinforcing the corners;

then refolding all three layers another time, allows Tuff Angle edge protectors to carry a surprising amount of weight.

Many factors give Tuff Angle edge protectors natural strength for stacking and resisting impact.

Imagine the carrying capacity of four of these multi-folded edge protectors standing upright inside a box ...

with the purpose of multi-stacking in the truck or warehouse.

Each leg, three layers thick, can be further engineered so the corrugation runs in the vertical direction, thereby increasing the stacking ability and weight carrying capacity even more.

This is an option available to Tuff Angle edge protectors that is not available with other corner boards.

Hard angleboards have a great deal of stacking strength, but virtually no impact resistance or cushioning.

They are also fairly thin and don't have much of a footprint.

The footprint allows the box stacked on top to sit flush, which is imperative or a great deal of stacking strength is lost.

Other fluted edge protectors don't offer corrugation direction as an option, but if they did it wouldn't matter much. They simply have almost no stacking strength because of their design.

Generally, fluted edge protectors offer some cushioning;

But their best attribute, is that they meet the thickness and clearance requirements of the National Motor Freight Classification guide.

Tuff Angle edge protectors can also be engineered to resist impact during shipping and material handling by changing the the flutes to horizontal.

This product has been I.S.T.A. tested and approved to protect one of the most fragile of items such as a glassed in picture frame from shock, drops, and vibration.

Tuff Angle cornerboards can also be engineered for extra strength by increasing the paper grade of the liners and mediums. They also come in thicknesses slightly over an inch, which give them a larger footprint for improved stack-ability.