Our Coatings Eliminate Packaging
Materials and Prevent Abrasion


Coatings are widely used in the corrugated box industry. Some manufacturers apply them at the corrugator, while others buy rollstock precoated.

They serve many purposes. Some prevent fade from UV rays.

Others prevent abrasion damage, eliminate slippage, add fire retardants, or provide sheen.

Formulated for many tasks, they are readily available, and have been used in the corrugated industry for years.

Many companies use formulations that protect their products from abrasion.

They are formulated for the surface and finish that is to be protected. Painted steel will probably require a different formulation than stained wood.

Some companies enclose their product in a plastic bag, in order to place a barrier between the product and the box.

Formulations have been successfully applied to Tuff Angle edge protectors that allow customers to eliminate polybag packaging materials without abrasion.

The cost reduction of labor and polybag has been significant.

Find out for yourself how effective and cost saving Tuff Angle Edge Protector can be by simply .