The Engineerable Features of Tuff
Angle Edge Protectors

Exclusive Features
Tuff Angle Edge Built Up Leg

Tuff Angle edge protectors can be engineered to provide the clearance needed to protect protruding features such as handles or coupling pipes that are easily damaged in shipment.

Tuff Angle's jumbo edge protector is approximately 1 1/8" thick.

If the protruding feature is less than that measurement, then no additional build up is needed.

If the feature extends beyond 1 1/8", then additional build up to the leg can be created that will extend beyond the feature for protection.

Additional layers of corrugated can be laminated to one of the legs in order to increase the thickness of that leg.

One leg of the angle will sit flush as usual ...

And the built up leg will extend beyond the feature for additional protection during shipment.