The Engineerable Features of Tuff
Angle Edge Protectors

National Motor Freight Classification
Thick vs Thin

Packaging professionals will appreciate the engineerable features of Tuff Angle edge protectors, as they offer a myriad of new custom packaging solutions.

Virtually every variable related to these edge protectors can be modified.

The legs can be customized for size and fit. The two leg sizes can be different from one another.

Overall cornerboard length can be specified. Paper grade of the cardboard sheet used to make the edge protectors can be engineered for cost, cushioning, impact resistance, and stacking strength.

Liners and mediums can be specified to create the most efficient edge crush test (ECT) required for the job.

While the bends, glue, and folds give Tuff Angle edge protectors natural strength, they can be further enhanced by changing the corrugation direction to vertical for additional stacking strength, or to horizontal for additional impact protection.

Coatings are another option. They may be applied to Tuff Angle edge protectors in order to protect surface finish and eliminate the need for plastic bags. Corrugated or foam build ups can be added to a leg for clearance of protruding features. Printing graphics can be added, but require a different operation. Variable leg sizes make them ideal for packaging and shipping containers of various shapes and sizes.

One particularly interesting feature of Tuff Angle edge protectors is thickness.

Unlike other corner boards there is not a straight line correlation between thickness and cost. Caliper and flute height used to make the cardboard sheet determine the thickness of the edge protector.

Thickness does not always drive the price which is determined more by the paper grade used in the making of the corrugated sheet. Though not always the case, a thin cornerboard and a thick one can have the same cost structure. Packaging engineers can customize Tuff Angle corner boards for thicknesses that range from approximately 3/8" to 1 1/8" with more freedom from the cost constraints of other edge protectors, as seen with our jumbo cornerboards.