Custom Packaging

Build I.S.T.A. Approved Custom
Packaging with Tuff Angle Edge Protectors

Custom Packaging
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Custom Packaging
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Custom Packaging
Providing the Protection You Require

The need for custom packaging or to build a quick box for shipping is universal. The reasons are endless.

Maybe your company needs to send out samples.

Perhaps the box you need for shipping isn't in stock.

Product sizes can change with each shipment. Some companies ship in ones and twos.

Retail shipping outlets never know the next item they may be asked to ship.

There is an easy, economical, and versatile solution that no shipping department should be without.

Frame Suspension Pack

ISTA has approved a suspension pack made with Tuff Angle edge protectors. It only takes minutes to build.

The pack is essentially a top and bottom tray system. The bottom tray suspends products 2" from the ground while the top tray creates a 2" aircell on the top of the unit.

The slightly larger top tray, telescopes over the bottom tray creating a 2" barrier on all six sides. This two inch barrier is a UPS requirements for all shipments.

Directions and pictures can be found in the graphics section of this website.

The next time you need to build a box ...

Have some Tuff Angle edge protectors on hand.

Get your shipment quickly safely out the door in an I.S.T.A approved suspension tray.