Stacking Strength

Stacking Strength An Engineered
Benefit of Tuff Angle Edge Protector

Stacking Strength
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Stacking Strength
Monster Strength!

Stacking strength is a product of the strength of materials used,the number of plies, direction of flutes, glue applied, and in the case of Tuff Angle edge protectors, their interlocking folds and bends.

The stacking strength of Tuff Angle edge protectors is just another characteristic that shines above the competition.

The patented folding design yields a natural strength that simply is not possible with other layered fluted corner board products.

Every packaging engineer must use their own judgment as to whether Tuff Angle edge protectors are right for their particular packaging project, but in many cases Tuff Angle edge protectors will meet their stacking needs.

Tuff Angle edge protectors have built in strength because of the patented folding and interlocking design configuration.

The edge protector sheet is glued in the flat, and then folded three layers deep like a tri-fold wallet. All three layers are then bent again to form the right angle, thereby interlocking the folds.

The edge protector is held in a 90 degree shape until dry and will hold its shape. Fold and re-fold almost anything that many times and it will be pretty strong, with a fairly high stacking capacity. Do it with corrugated board and add glue, and you'll create a cornerboard with monster stacking capacity and strength!

Two other factors can also be controlled in order to achieve specific stacking requirements. Corrugation direction can be specified so that the flutes are aligned vertically, and paper strength can also be increased for heavier stacking requirements.

We ran an informal in-house test to measure the stacking capabilities of our edge protectors. We made a cornerpost from 48 B/C material. 48 B/C material makes a 3/4" cornerboard. Corrugation was in the vertical direction. We wanted the corner boards to stand vertically, above and outside a box, so that the box would not help carry the load.

We set up an empty stock box that was 24 x 18 x 18, took four edge protectors that were 36" tall, and loosely stretch wrapped them standing upright to the outside of the empty box. This was just so we could get them to stand up in order to put weight on them. (They weren't even standing as straight up as they would be in a normal shipping situation). We had a pallet load of hot melt boxes that weighed 2150 lbs. - more than a ton!

Using a forklift, we carefully placed the skid on top of the four corner post, and left it in our warehouse under static load for over a month without any sign of failure. Now that's stacking performance!

The stacking strength of Tuff Angle edge protectors will allow you to efficiently utilize warehouse and truck space through product multi-stacking. If stacking strength is a concern or a priority, be sure to consider Tuff Angle edge protectors for your next packaging project.