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Find Your Best Packaging Solution

Neither product is so perfect to fulfill each single requirement and to be interesting to every person. For example, we have never been informed that Tuff-Angle edge protectors have been used in the shipment of an elephant. Most probably, there are some people who still insure transportation of their precious goods relaying on the improvisation. However, those who take their businesses and properties serious, require the best available solution for the shipment protection. But what does it mean?

Container Shipping

First of all, it means that an adequate solution should be designed to offer maximum protection, with extra reinforcement to corners, since these are ones of the most critical areas for damage. Furthermore, it needs to be easy to use and a flexible product which reduces costs and packaging supplies and saves packaging time, labor and storage space. Finally, it needs to be a product that makes a shipment more efficient. Besides, we are all aware of our duty to keep the planet as clean as possible. Therefore, reusable and recyclable materials should always be our choice.

There is one packaging solutions that meets all the requirements which are set as standard by the National Motor Freight Commodity Board. It could be said that Tuff-Angle edge protectors set their own quality standards which have been immediately recognized by customers - from individual buyers, residential movers, shipping and warehouse managers to business owners and companies.

With their patented folding design and an advanced process of production, these cardboard edge protectors offer much higher protection than some traditional solutions. They are made of three corrugated layers which are glued and then folded in a ninety degree shape until they dry. This triple shield guarantees a necessary reinforcement, stabilizes shipments and eliminates abrasion, which makes it perfect for a fragile shipment protection.

They are highly useful, either placed inside or outside the box, for strapping or for additional protection from handling. They can even be used for an "open pack", which means that these edge protectors do a superb job even without the “help” of a box.

Tuff-Angle edge protectors are designed to be easily transformed into a shippable, quality custom pack, in a minimum time interval. Besides, they are amazingly flexible, since they can protect various types of products, even the most demanding ones, in containers with different shapes and sizes. Made from almost 100 percent recycled materials, these edge protectors can be recycled again. What is also important, after a shipment or, after being in a warehouse, they can be used again.

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Patented Products of Tuff Angle Edge Protectors

Packaging is not always easy. On the contrary - professionals who deal with packaging often face many problems. It is quite difficult to find an appropriate package all the time, especially when it comes to fragile products which need a lot of care. This is a challenge for shipping managers, and costs are, unfortunately, very often overthrown to buyers. What standards does the good package meet? In the first place, it is low-cost, it enables reducing of the labor and better usage of the warehouse space, it helps efficient shipping and it is environmentally friendly - basically, it meets the requirements of the National Motor Freight Commodity Board, and it is recognized by the costumers as such.

Tuff Angle Edge Protectors

All these standards can be fulfilled with Tuff Angle edge protectors which were patented as unique packaging solutions. Their unique folding configuration helps them prevent any kind of material handling damage and to handle all the problems that packaging professionals might have. What makes Tuff Angle edge protectors far beyond all the products on the market when it comes to strength is its folding design. Tuff Angle edge protectors are made of three layers of corrugated sheets. Firstly glued, these layers are folded in a way of a tri-fold wallet, and held in a ninety degree shape until dry. This is the more advanced process of producing edge protectors than the traditional one, because the traditional edge protectors solutions are much different and do not provide such strength to the corner of the protector which is one of the most critical areas for a product damage. Heavy products are, in this way, safe in trucks, trains, aeroplanes, or any other kind of transportation. They are also safe in warehouses where loads are often not protected as much as they need to be. Tuff angle edge protectors are engineered to make the corners of the package and the products reinforced, but this patent is also environmentally friendly.

Besides being environmentally friendly, Tuff Angle Edge Protectors help the companies to have flexible packing for transporting of their goods. Thanks to these protectors, sometimes it is possible to pack goods of different sizes in not ideally suitable containers. Finding an ideally suitable container can be difficult and pricey, and a lot of companies use just a few variations of containers. However, the products can vary on the size or the quantity, and that is why it is very useful to have the edge protectors. Tuff Angle Edge Protectors are also compatible with very widespread stretch wrap packaging, though they help saving the resources - time, money, labor - when it comes to packaging.

Design does matter, and it especially does matter when it brings the new quality and the new, easier ways of conducting business. That is why we recommend patented Tuff Angle Edge Protectors.

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Importance of Packaging

People have used all kinds of packaging since the beginnings of history, because they have always needed to store, protect and transport their goods.

In the early history, they used natural materials to make packages. Baskets, bags, boxes, vases and amphorae, barrels were made out of branches, reeds, wineskins, pottery, ceramic etc. Later, people started to use processed materials: glass and bronze, for example. Paper became an important packaging material in the middle age, when it's its production wasn't not that much expensive and complicated any more. In the early 19th century, thin steel and iron was were used for the production of cans, and paperboard cartons and corrugated cardboard boxes were first introduced for the first time in the late 19th century.


The 20th century brought the advanced production of aluminium and some types of plastic, which were then used for packages. The good thing about these materials is the fact that they are reusable and recyclable, which is good both for the economy and the environment.

Packaging isn't not different then from most of other economy fields, and it developed a lot thanks to military researches. Military standards and regulations for packaging were have always been very severe and specific, but after the World War II, the economy of peace took everything needed from the military experiences. The industry and science of packaging started do develop significantly through sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties, so after the 2000., the packaging sector makes about two percent of the gross national product in developed countries.

A package is important because it serves for all kinds of protection for goods. First, there is a physical protection, which means that the objects are protected from any kind of mechanical shock. A package also serves as a barrier from oxygen, water, dust. Most of the things, when packed, are much easier to handle and transport. In that way, they require less space and handling, and while some of the materials, such as liquids and powders, need containment. Packaged objects and materials are much more secure during the shipment, and, when packing, it is also possible to divide the goods in a way which is suitable.

Today, many types of packages are available, both for individuals and for the industry. In the case of moving, storing things in home, or just preparing a present, one will use some kind of package. Almost all the things people buy in the stores are in packages. That is why very important issues in the packaging engineering nowadays are environmental considerations. Packaging solutions need to be environmentally friendly, which very often means that they need to be reusable and recyclable.

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Our product is green!

Tuff-Angle edge protectors allow companies new opportunities to address concerns for the environment. Made from almost 100% recycled corrugated; they can again be recycled for the paper and timber needs of the future. Our edge protectors allow packaging engineers another opportunity to protect their product while reducing the overall footage of cardboard needed for the shipping container. Designers may also consider reducing the stacking strength of the outer container (thereby switching from heavy to lighter gauge paper), due to the inherent stacking strength characteristics of our corner post. Used as innerpack, objects can be secured firmly in place and away from the sidewall's of the carton in order to provide both an air cell, and to eliminate plastic pellets.

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New Testing Scheduled

Working in conjunction with GH Testing laboratory, Tuff-Angle edge protectors will undergo a series of comparison test against the various edge protectors commonly available. GH Testing will design compression, shock, puncture, as well as side and corner impact test. As a ISTA certified independent testing facility, they also design and test new packaging for major manufacturers world wide. They have previously tested, certified, and approved an easy to assemble utilitarian pack designed for a "glassed in" picture frame using Tuff-Angle edge protectors. The results can be found on this website. See for yourself by viewing our incredible drop test video!

To give some perspective, we undertook designing this pack when it was mentioned to us by an owner of a mail and ship UPS franchise that picture frames were "one of the most difficult items we are asked to package and ship." For even more perspective; it is almost impossible to find art dealers that still use glass. Until now, It has simply been too fragile for reliable shipment. They have almost all gone to plexi-glass.

Interestingly, this pack works to provide advantages for our customers on many levels. It is easy to measure and assemble. It takes minutes rather than much longer to create a custom pack. Anyone that has ever tried to make a custom box by hand will appreciate the significance. Tuff-Angle edge protectors work well in small space environments like art galleries and mail and ship type franchises; and are useful for residential movers. They are versatile, inexpensive, easy to work with, and stand up in a corner taking up very little space. No need for all the cutting, measuring, slotting, and scoring; just to end up with a trapezoid custom box. No need for understanding the take up factor for the folds and bends in a box. Almost any person or employee can quickly catch on and should be able to produce a shippable, quality, custom pack in minutes. Productivity gains should be significant.

Additionally, when properly constructed this pack meets the UPS criteria for a 2" clearance on all sides of the container. Either, slide the frame pack inside another box, or cover the openings with a flat sheet and ship as a regular conforming pack that meets all of their requirements; and should not be subject to a "irregular" surcharge.

In addition to the comparison test, GH Testing will be measuring and evaluating the various characteristics of two edge protectors glued together. We call this an "overpack" says inventor and owner Jack Robinson Jr. It should make it easy to achieve a 2" clearance on any side of a product that has a relatively flat surface or edge. We expect the ease, use, productivity, and cost savings to be fairly obvious to buyers, packaging engineers, shipping managers, warehouse managers, production managers, and business owners. I anticipate the results to be similar to the already approved picture frame pack; and that it should work for a multitude of different size and shaped products"

All results will be published in their entirety as they become available.

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New Marketing Launch

Volunteer Box LLC announces the on-line marketing launch of its Tuff-Angle edge protector product line. Though a relative newcomer to the packaging industry, Tuff-Angle edge protectors have been widely heralded as the "most reliable", and "most durable" edge protectors on the market. "We expect to begin the on-line marketing of our product line around the middle of March 2011" says Jack Robinson Jr; Chief Manager of Volunteer Box LLC. "We have looked forward to this day, and have worked very hard for the last two years perfecting our product and our manufacturing techniques. We are a major manufacture and supplier to one of the world's largest manufacturers of light gauge steel products. Our experience has given us the confidence that comes with years of durable, in plant material handling, successful field testing, and the ability to deliver a high quality, uniform product, on time, every time."

The initial offering will be an ultra-thick corrugated edge protector (over 1"); available in various lengths from 12" to 72". Interested customers can purchase a small quantity trial pack for as little as $40.00 or in bulk as required. "In spite of the overwhelming protection and superiority of our edge protectors; our customers will find them to be extremely competitive in terms of price and selection. Largely because we are the manufacturer and we don't go through a middle man. There is generally more paper and cost involved in the manufacture of our product. That and the patented folding design are two of the key reasons for the unparalleled cushioning characteristics. However, we realize that price point is very important to our customers, and this is the only way to reduce the mark up involved with some of our other marketing options."



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