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Packaging Unwrapped

At the first glance it might seem like it is a relatively simple issue; however packaging is a complex and very important subject. As the general definition of the term explains, it is the blend of technology, science and art with the purpose of protecting (commercial) product and enabling them to be distributed, stored, sold and ultimately used. It can even be presented as a coordinated system that is necessary so the goods can be safeguarded, preserved, shipped, and in some instances it can even be the trait that sells a certain item.

The packaging is as old as commerce, so it is understandable that it changed a lot during the course of history, depending on the materials that were available at specific epochs. In ancient times, the choice was naturally any of the natural materials in the surroundings, such as wineskins, wood, pottery, etc. The advance of knowledge introduced new options, for example steel cans at the beginning of the 19th century, or more importantly for our product, cardboard at the end of the 1800s (which ultimately made the creation of cardboard edge protectors possible). More breakthroughs occurred in the next century, such as invention of materials like cellophane and plastic (that enabled the manufacture of stretch wrap that are very convenient for the use in combination with edge protectors).

Packaging Unwrapped

There is a vast number of objectives of packaging, so we will at this point discuss the most important of them. The first and most obvious is physical protection for any kind of mechanical shocks and bumps, as well as from temperature. The second one is similar and can be addressed as barrier protection which guards the products from things like dust or oxygen. Another critical purpose is convenience which allows that goods can be shipped, handled, stacked, displayed, opened, used or recycled (we also need to underline once more that edge protectors are made in absolute accordance to principles of ecology) in a much easier manner. If you cross-check these goals with the features of edge protectors, you can easily note that they make the packages more resistant to impacts, that they can help avoid abrasions, and various problems during banding and handling of material.

Furthermore, when analyzing the process of packing, it seems necessary to distinguish the different types of packaging. Though slightly arbitrary, the usual classification categorizes the packages by layers. The primary packaging directly envelops the product and holds it in place (cardboard edge protectors are very convenient for this purpose, especially for small quantities). The secondary packaging is placed just outside the first type, mostly to group packages of the first kind, whereas the tertiary packaging has the main use in bulk handling, storage in warehouses and for transport of shipments. Regarding this type, it seems important to note that Tuff Angle Edge Protectors have a significant use in the stabilization of shipments, and that they even enable racking.

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What Gives the Competitive Edge to Tuff Angle Edge Protectors?

It is reasonable to declare that our Tuff Angle Edge Protectors possess the qualities that put them way ahead of all other products that are usually and traditionally utilized to protect the corners of packages. Though other edge protectors have some use in safeguarding the shipments, when you examine the overall traits and protection you get, these products simply cannot match the quality and safety we can provide. The reason for this situation is clever and ingenious, yet fairly simple manner of Tuff Angle Edge Protectors production.

As said before, the process of making our product is not rocket science or overly complicated, but the results are amazing and the preservation of your more or less valuable (including the fragile packages) shipments is clearly unparalleled, and this can also be claimed quite confidently when you compare them to every single solution that our competition has come up with.

Competitive Edge

Basically, our edge protectors are manufactured from ridged cardboard sheets. These corrugated sheets are measured, then glued and folded in a right angle. This shape is preserved until the glue is completely dried. The product consists of three layers. Each of these layers is bent to make a right angle after it is glued, and it remains in a ninety degree shape. This is the innovative procedure of production that is actually responsible for aforementioned supreme qualities that separate this solution from the competitors. And, mind you, it is also accurate to say that the competitors are having tuff time to come anywhere near the impressive quality we provide for our customers. It is likewise important to note that our avant-guard folded design is protected with a patent, and that it can only be used in the products of Tuff Angle Edge Protectors, as it is the usual practice of all successful and forward-thinking companies that protect their innovations.

One might wonder why it is so important to use these items as a means to prevent the damages of the shipments. The answer to this question is fairly simple. It is of upmost importance to utilize edge protectors because this is the best way to insure that no harm will be done to the corners which are one of the most sensitive areas. The corners of shipments have a tendency to be deteriorated, which is a well known fact to everybody who has some experience with packaging and shipping. By providing the critical support to arguably the most sensitive area of your package, you insure the safety of your products in all of the stages of packaging and shipping, including the transportation, the storage and the handling of items.

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Edge Protectors - Not Just for Packing, Use Them for Racking

Even though this is far from their original intent and role, cardboard edge protectors possess such versatility of possible uses that they can even be applied as portable racking in your warehouse. This additional function is another testament of their quality. It is not an overstatement to say that it is another proof of their extraordinary strength and durability. Still, since the cardboard edge protectors are not designed for this intent, there are few concerns about this sort of use. It is not advised to use them in unstable conditions, or to go over the board with heights which could increase the possibility of them falling down. Plus, as time goes by, it is inevitable that their strength, even as high as it is, will decrease, and that the edge protectors will have to be replaced.

However, after stating the obvious difficulties, we can still claim with certainty that this is one of the very useful applications of Tuff Angle cardboard edge protectors. Additionally, the good qualities and advantages outweigh the possible risks. The experience has showed that our products have useful traits, such as their low cost, strength, the fact that they are quite convenient.

Portable Racking

Furthermore, their application for this purpose is relatively simple. The process of racking involves laying a couple or more of the cardboard edge protectors on the floor. They are supposed to lay parallel, while the corner is going upwards. After this, you can simply stack on this frame. In some cases, for example if you stack heavy sheets just like we do, it is possible to have another level of stacked goods on the top of the first, providing that you repeat the same method. With such stacks, it is even possible to have the third level, but you should still stay cautious not to go too high.

Still, with the described procedure, you can provide an impressive amount of strength that is necessary to do the job correctly. However, as we initially warned you, because this is not the original intention of the products, there will be consequences. In time, the edge protectors will go flat, and you will need to replace them. It is important to note that edge protectors come in various sizes. The largest of them all, “Jumbo” cardboard edge protector as we call it, is the great choice for this purpose. Due their thickness that exceeds 1’’ they are immensely useful. Even when they flatten, there is still enough clearance to use a fork lift under the stack.

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So Many Packaging Problems, How to Solve Them All at Once?

When choosing an appropriate system for packaging, shipping and stocking, companies face many problems and challenges that at first seem highly difficult to surpass. Regardless of the option one selects, it looks as if most problems will still be there. And when you look at the available packaging solutions, it seems that they are convenient for solving just some of the present challenges. For example, if one tries to reduce the cost, one will face the dangers of a low-quality packaging that lack the necessary qualities which are required for safe protection. If you opt for this, it ultimately might backfire on you, because the lack of required level of protection can cause that your product gets damaged. The end result naturally nullifies all the attempts to reduce cost, and you end up paying much more money, instead of saving it.

There is also a number of problems which occur during the shipment of products. Every single shipping manager is faced with many difficulties. It is of upmost importance that the shipment being sent remains stable. Another critical aspect is to make sure that the space in the box truck is used in the most efficient possible manner (same thing can be applied to the warehouse space). Because, let us face it, even if the packaging material has a really low cost and if it provides secure protection, if that sort of packaging does not include efficient stacking, all the advantages are basically pointless during the transport, and the cost increases due to the use of more vehicles and man power.

Tuff Angle Edge Protectors

When discussing about the potential challenges, one must also take into the consideration all the national regulations that are dictated by the National Motor Freight Commodity Board, as it is necessary for all respectable corporations. Overall, this list of difficulties seems quite challenging. However, it is by no means unsolvable. Plus, the solution is quite simple. Additionally, it can resolve all the potential problems at once and all aspects of safe and efficient packaging, shipping and stocking. As you probably deduced by now, the simple cure for these situations are Tuff Angle edge protectors.

It is fair to say that our cardboard edge protectors are much better for facing these problems than any other rival product (and far more appropriate than for example, poly or steel strapping). This is exactly the reason why large and respectable manufacturers tend to use the edge protectors in the combination with stretch wrap.

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The Advantages of Combining Edge Protectors with Stretch Wrap

A vast number of renowned manufacturers opt to use Tuff Angle edge protectors in the combination with stretch wrap, instead of other solutions which we can reasonably say, have become outdated in the meantime. The new method of packing has proved to be superior after the years of application and able to confront the potential problems and challenges far more comfortable. There are many reasons why we claim so. The major one is the amount of money the company can save when it decides to use it. As every rational businessman knows, cutting cost is critical for efforts to stay one step ahead of the competition, and the use of Tuff Angle edge protectors together with stretch wrap will enable you to do this.

However, this is not a single reason to make the decision to use them. It is safe to say that this is only the first advantage among many which will hopefully persuade you to see why their use can be the best choice for your company. You do not just save on a packaging material. If you go for this kind of packaging, you will also be able to spend less money on packaging labor. Let us demonstrate why it is much better to do this than to use the traditional packaging – boxes. If you usually use boxes, you are quite aware that at the beginning, you need to get them from a supplier. Then, you must find room in your warehouse to stack them. Once they are supposed to be used, they have to be retrieved. Besides, they need to be set up prior to the packaging of the product. Finally, when the items eventually get packed, the boxes will have got to be sealed, and this requires the use of staples, tape or glue. If you choose an alternative, and go for edge protectors and stretch wrap, you can avoid all these stages and unnecessary costs.

stretch wrap

Besides, the advantages are not just in the area of cutting costs. This option also prevents and lowers eventual damage that may occur during the handling of the shipments. Additionally, the use of stretch wrap in combination with edge protectors brings a few perks of its own. Since it is transparent, it is quite easy to inspect the shipment after it arrives, without the need of unpacking or similar time consuming operations. For all these reasons, it is very reasonable to say that Tuff Angle edge protectors can be that decisive advantage that will make your product superior and more appealing than the ones made by the competition.

Even this is not the final list of reasons that make our system supreme. Opting for edge protectors reduces the amount of materials that are used for packing, which can appease your conscience because it is a responsible task to do if you care about the environment. As this was not enough, the cardboard edge protectors are constructed from recycled paper and can also be recycled after the use.

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Strength That Surpasses All Traditional Packaging

Every time one needs to ship a package, the first concern is the safety of the product that is being sent. In most cases, packages being shipped will have to endure knocks or bumps, so it is necessary to make sure your packages are safe and protected. In order to demonstrate why Tuff Angle cardboard edge protectors are the optimal solution to deal with potential blows during the transport, it would be wise to first review the attributes of traditional solutions to this peril, fluted edge protectors and hardboard.

Fluted edge protectors are commonly used because they do actually offer the required standards that are needed to ship a package to the location inside the USA as well as abroad. Since this solution includes fluted layers, it is soft and cushioning. However, that is exactly the reason why they do not have desired strength to deal with dangers of transport. Unlike fluted protectors, hardboard edge protectors involve flat paper layers. The final product is both hard and strong, but at the same time lacks many of the needed qualities. They lack the necessary ability for cushioning and are inferior when dealing with knocks that occur during the process.

However, there is no need to despair due to these flaws, because there is another option with far superior traits than the traditional ones. Even the first contact with Tuff Angle edge protectors shows their strength and toughness. One of the main reasons is the fact that they are made from folded layers, which is obviously a better option than simple layering. This imaginative, yet simple solution brought to exceptional stacking strength. With each fold, the strength is further increased. Every single of three sheets of the product gets scored, folded and refolded. Then, all three layers get folded one more time to form the angle. Because of this process, Tuff Angle edge protectors are extremely good at protecting the corners of virtually any shipment. The strength that is achieved this way is surprisingly high and even larger than one would expect.

The improved toughness will guard your products much better than the other options, which basically means less risk and worrying about the potential damage that may harm your products during the shipping. This means that Tuff Angle edge protectors are a perfect means to protect your package. Even if the shipment is very valuable or fragile, these cardboard edge protectors are a brilliant way for packaging.

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Flexibility, Versatility and Adaptability Are Traits of Edge Protectors

The ability to adapt to various demands is an important feature of every quality product. To maximize efficiency as much as possible, Tuff Angle edge protectors are available in different leg sizes. Our clients sometimes want one of the legs to be a little longer, because it is needed to adequately protect the part of the product that tends to be more fragile than the rest of it. Likewise, if one aims to reduce the cost, he or she can always choose the option to have one of the legs shorter. This adaptability is enabled with the innovative folding design of our cardboard edge protectors. With the possibility to fold panels into almost exact leg dimensions, this product evidently can meet various demands. Besides, it is possible to use them in order to increase the stacking strength, as well as to make the packaging more resistible to any potential impacts. All of these traits increase the efficiency of packaging.

Cardboard Edge Protectors

The adaptability of edge protectors can further be proven with the fact that they are also a great choice if you require packaging of relatively small quantities of products. This situation is potentially very problematic, especially regarding the very likely higher price of packaging. There are various strategies to deal with this rather common problem. With desire to resolve the issues, companies for example avoid getting custom sized boxes, and opt for adding filters to common shaped boxes. However, there is another solution to deal with the situation we described.

If you are facing this problem, our advice is to acquire Tuff Angle edge protectors. One of the reasons to do so is mere fact that they offer a smart solution that will enable your staff to create custom-sized packaging. With the use of edge protectors as a frame for a package, supplemented with the stretch wrap, anybody can make a package of desired size. No matter what kind of items you wish to ship, you will be able to do it. Furthermore, the whole operation requires very little effort and time, and can be completed in just minutes. With the stated advantages, it becomes clear that edge protectors are a far better option than ordering custom shaped boxes. The most important reason to claim this is certainly the price, as every smart company tends to reduce its costs, without compromising the quality.

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Fragile Shipments Are a Delicate Matter

Once it is needed to ship and transport fragile products that are at risk of being damaged during the process, it is of critical importance to opt for the best and the most appropriate packaging. The increased possibility of products being irreparably impaired, additionally augments the need to evaluate all the available options, and to come up with the secure and efficient solution. Because of this, cardboard edge protectors would have to come under serious consideration, to say the least.

The list of reasons to use the edge protectors while shipping fragile products is quite long. The most obvious of all reasons is certainly everybody’s intention to decrease the possibility of something going wrong, as much as it is one’s ability. The claim that this is the correct way to deal with delicate products is backed with International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) certificate. In order to obtain this certificate for Tuff Angle edge protectors, a precisely determined test was needed to be performed. Testing involves figuring out whether the pack can endure vibration and free fall. Naturally, such analysis needs to be performed in a facility recognized by ISTA.

Fragile Shipment Protection

The independent lab that conducted the assessment concluded that Tuff Angle Protectors pass all the requirements for both domestic and overnight shipping of products that are very likely to be harmed if the right precautions are not made before they are sent. The ability of the product to insure safe packaging is further enhanced with its additional advantages. The leverage of edge protectors is the simple fact that they eliminate tedious and time-consuming operations. In fact, they do not require much skill and time. The whole process is literally done in minutes. Furthermore, the product comes really handy for shipping due to its universality. The utilitarian design of the product recommends it for shipments of all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Another strength and plus of Tuff Angle Edge Protectors for fragile and delicate shipments (and every other type of shipment) is its ability to stabilize the products you send. With the use of either banding or stretch wrap, you will be in a position to create a package that will be stable and tight, thus preventing many imaginable difficulties. If you put cardboard edge protectors on top, as well as the corners of shipping units, you will increase tension and achieve a desirable effect. Whether it is more desirable for specific cases to keep stretch wrap closer or further from the shipped products, you can decide to utilize extra thin or extra thick corner boards.

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Eliminate Damage Risk with Tuff Angle Edge Protectors

A unique design of Tuff Angle edge protectors set the highest standards in the protection of goods during operation, shipping, handling, and storage, which traditional edge protectors simply cannot reach. Either if some unexpected problems occur, or in the common situation that requires the best possible protection from the start, it is necessary to avoid damages that are, in some cases irreplaceable.

cardboard box in warehouse

Especially when moving fragile items, choosing an experienced goods courier is sometimes not enough guarantee that mechanical shocks, vibrations and unacceptable environmental conditions would not cause a serious damage. Those who take this seriously will certainly consider the best possible protection, before sending or warehousing their precious goods. Still, some companies sometimes select wrong strategy and choose a weak protection, without analyzing the important parameters that separate the hi-end edge protectors from the competition.

In order to prevent additional costs, caused by material handling damages, you should pick adequate products that meet National Motor Freight Commodity Board's requirements which include stacking strength, impact resistance, clearance, thickness, size, graphics, coatings, and cost. Tuff Angle edge protectors are the products that fulfill all the requirements of the Board, but which is more important, these cardboard edge protectors satisfy various customers' needs.

Tuff Angle edge protectors are pretty affordable and they reduce the costs of packing and storing by offering a unique packaging solution which, along with its superb protective characteristics, can be used in almost every kind of situation. They are adjustable to almost any size and shape and, since Tuff Angle edge protectors are extremely easy for handling, their contribution to productivity is immeasurable.

Their patented folding construction consists of three corrugated sheets that are scored, glued, folded, and held in a ninety degree shape until dry. Once glued, all three layers are curved again into a ninety degree angle. This special, “triple layer/triple fold” process resulted in the great strength of Tuff Angle edge protectors, especially at the corners which are very critical areas for product damage.

Especially suitable for a fragile shipment protection, these angle protectors guarantee stacking strength, cushioning, clearance and impact resistance. They bring together the qualities of fluted edge protectors and hard angle boards and compensate some of their weaknesses, at the same time.

Either you have a permanent need for a shipment protection or just occasionally require special care for your valuable items, Tuff Angle edge protectors could be the perfect choice. When they are not in function, these eco-friendly protectors, waiting to be reused, do not take much space.

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The Most Common Questions About Tuff Angle Edge Protectors

How can I reduce costs of packaging and warehousing by using Tuff Angle edge protectors?

There are so many aspects of reducing costs by using Tuff Angle edge protectors instead of some other packaging solutions. First of all, these powerful cardboard edge protectors offer the best possible prevention from material handling damage, avoiding additional costs.

Besides, they are highly affordable and, which is very important, applicable in almost every kind of situation, which reduces the need for purchasing different packaging supplies according to the size and the shape of an item that should be protected. Unlike some others products which are designed for one or a few sizes and shapes, Tuff Angle edge protectors offer small quantity solutions, since they can be easily cut into any size, and constructed in minutes with glue, staples, or tape.

Finally, by using Tuff Angle edge protectors, you will save space and reduce personnel in a warehouse. They are so perfect for packing and storage in a small space environment. Also, since they are amazingly easy for handling, you will speed up the inventory turnover and the transport of goods.

What makes Tuff Angle edge protectors different from traditional packaging solutions?

Tuff Angle edge protectors prevent material handling damage and abrasion, provide stacking strength, cushioning, clearance and impact resistance, and they stabilize shipments. Their patented design with the unique folding configuration takes the best qualities of both, fluted edge protectors and hard angleboards.

Unlike some other fluted edge protectors which have a poor stacking strength, Tuff Angle edge protectors are great for warehouse utilization and freight consolidation, thanks to their superb vertical strength which is typical for hard angleboards. However, while hard angleboards do not provide adequate cushioning, that is another quality of Tuff Angle edge protectors. Possessing characteristics of fluted corner protectors, they also can afford clearance and impact resistance.

Can I use your product for a fragile shipment protection?

While some boxes and inner packs with their wavy or rough surfaces may cause damage on painted and stained finishes, Tuff Angle edge protectors have ability to prevent breakage of the most fragile items.

After they pasted rigorous tests for compression, shock resistance, puncture and side/corner impact, Tuff Angle edge protectors got the I.S.T.A. approval to be used for a fragile shipment protection, including glassed-in picture frames and artwork.

What do you mean by "flexible packing"?

There are a lot of companies which have a permanent need for a shipment protection. Dealing with the products which sizes and shapes often vary, they have a problem to find adequate shipping supplies. With Tuff Angle edge protectors, they got flexible packaging solutions that cover virtually any size and shape.

Edge Protectors Warehouse Portable Racking

Positioned inside a box, they afford reinforcement, air cell, cushioning, and strength that is required to protect goods in a warehouse. Even outside the box, they are useful for strapping or as additional shield. To reduce costs, you can use them with no box at all and still get superb protection.



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