Unique and Unparalleled Traits

27 Feb Post by Tuff Angle

Unique and Unparalleled Traits

Thanks to careful planning and application of ingenious yet simple and not too costly operations, Tuff Angle edge protectors have the ability to offer advantages that simply cannot be rivaled. Since the whole process enables adjustment of all related variables, cardboard edge protectors provide a host of novel packaging options which is a feature that recommends this product even more.

Not only that there is a choice to select the necessary leg sizes (which can even be different from each other), our edge protectors can provide further adjustments in order to provide the maximal suitability for the vast diversity of items. This means that is possible to pick the length of corner board. Additionally, there is also a possibility to utilize different paper grade of the product, in order to adjust packaging because of the different requirements and general purposes of an item. Thus, this tweak can be made to reduce the price and to offer more cushioning or resistance to shocks and bumps. If it is needed, the available adjustment can substantially increase the stacking strength of a package.

The mentioned ability to improve resilience or to raise stacking strength is possible due to the proprietary process of folding of cardboard being used, as well with the option to utilize different direction of fluting. For example, if the intention is to significantly increase stacking strength, the solution will be to use four multilayered cardboard edge protectors which will be placed vertically. Each of the legs consists of three layers will be engineered with the matching vertical direction of fluting. Practically, it means that the corner boards have a substantially larger ability for carrying weight. Consequently, in this manner the customers can achieve wiser and efficient use of warehouses or trucks during the shipping. With the more efficient use of space, it is natural that the final result is the reduction of cost that does not compromise safety of packages.

The explained solution of adjustment of corrugation direction is patented and protected by our company, and is not available in any other edge protectors. Even if it was, it would not make a significant difference and would not improve their resistance, because this solution is adjusted to the innovative process of making Tuff Angle Edge Protectors that consist of three glued layers of corrugated sheet which get folded in right angle until they dry.

Besides, the applicability and adjustability of our edge protectors is further enhanced with the use of different coatings. According to necessary trait that should be enhanced, different coatings can guard from UV exposure, minimize abrasion and stop slippage. The choice of coating is also depending on the material of the surface that is being protected. Due to this trait, it is possible to eliminate the use of plastic bags as a means of protection which highly decreases the price and removes one phase in the process and thus increases the efficiency.


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