Switching to Tuff Angle Edge Protectors is a Great Long-Term Decision

20 Mar Post by Tuff Angle

Switching to Tuff Angle Edge Protectors is a Great Long-Term Decision

People sometimes tend to stick to the traditional solutions, just because they feel that moving to new products requires effort, and that it might bring some unexpected problems that they are not accustomed to. Using this approach in choosing the way to protect your packages is wrong for several reasons. The most obvious reason why this is the case is the mere fact that old and traditionally used corner boards are not even close in providing the needed protection when compared to Tuff Angle edge protectors. Even though the old ways of protecting the shipments do meet the regulations that are prescribed by the National Motor Freight Classification, we can confidently claim that it is simply not the case, since the regulation concentrates on the thickness of the product. This characteristic of the item does not definitely decide the overall quality. It is clear, without any doubt, that our cardboard edge protectors can make a substantial difference in safeguarding the shipments. This is achieved by the clever design.

The patented features and the manner of production of our product increase the quality and necessary protection to the level that is unreachable to the rival products made by the competition. The improved characteristics can be reached through the use of forward thinking and by the implementation of simple solutions, and cardboard edge protectors are the best example for this. Tuff Angle Edge Protectors are made with the process that includes folding, rather than simple layering, and that makes a whole lot of difference. With each new fold, the strength and ability to protect the more or less valuable shipment (though every package should be regarded as valuable, simply because even the damage to cheaper items brings losses and can potentially harm the company in the long run) is increased to the final level that might even seem unrealistic to many people. That is, before they actually experience the exceptional qualities of the product by themselves.

Tuff Angle edge protectors are also incredibly safe and successful in the prevention of damage that occur during banding. During the strapping of the products that are about to be shipped, it is very customary that the employee who is in charge for that task tends to perform this operation as tight as possible, just to be sure it will hold in place. However, that can lead to negative effects on the package, especially when they use poly or steel. To counteract this very possible scenario, cardboard edge protectors increase the protection on the corner, the most common part that gets harmed during banding.


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