Size Does Matter and So Does the Functionality

09 Feb Post by Tuff Angle

Size Does Matter and So Does the Functionality

In order to be functional and appropriate for the packing of various different products, a packaging solution needs to include certain versatility and potential to adapt. Tuff Angle Edge Protectors posses exactly the needed qualities, since they are available in many different leg sizes. There are many reasons why companies opt for any of the available options, and the main ones are choosing the ones according to the price (it cannot be stressed enough how much the cost needs to be underlined in every phase of production, packaging and shipping included), as well as functionality.

These useful qualities of cardboard edge protectors, available in different sizes, can be seen in the following examples. If a firm likes one leg to be a bit longer so it would be able to protect especially sensitive and fragile part, that is highly doable. In contrast, it is likewise possible to design one leg shorter if the desire is to decrease the price. For this to be possible, Tuff Angle protectors are made in an innovative and patented manner. They are made by the original way of folding. Even though legs are made with the use of the same individual corrugated sheet, there is an option to make scores anywhere on it. This way, panels can be folded where is necessary and the customer can have almost the exact dimension that he or she requires. Additionally, each new fold contributes to the increase of corner toughness.

The functionality of our product also enables going in the desired direction, and attention can be turned to enabling larger resistance to impact, bigger strength needed for stacking, or improved ability to withstand scuffing. The latter trait brings us back to ever important reducing of cost, since it is the good way to get rid of costly additions to packages, such as plastic bags.

In some instances, certain products require extra thick protection. Our solution for these purposes is the use of Jumbo cornerboards that have an amazing thickness of about 1 1/8’’. This brings us back to the patented design and the process of creating edge protectors. Three layers of individual sheet (with the thickness of about 1/8’’) are folded, and in this way we get a sheet that has the thickness of somewhere around 3/8’’. Besides, it is important to add that sheets being used are double-sided, meaning that each of the panels has a flat surface.

The special edge protectors that are called jumbo cornerboards are made using a doublewall sheet which includes two kinds of flutes on a sheet which are then attached to the sides of a sheet. The final result of folding of three layers brings about very thick or jumbo edge protectors. These are 1 1/8’’ thick and enable impressive stacking strength and can reduce product harming in an unparalleled fashion.


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