Damage Can Be Prevented - Better Safe Than Sorry

30 Apr Post by Tuff Angle

Damage Can Be Prevented - Better Safe Than Sorry

As it is well known to all the professionals and people who deal with this issue on a regular basis, there are numerous perils that can cause damage of products that are being packed and shipped to the required destination. Much more than traditional corner posts, our Tuff Angle edge protectors are able to lower the chances of such events that can bring to money losses and lot of frustration. These are not just empty words. Our corner boards have proven their superiority in the laboratory tests, as well as on the field. For its exceptional and high standard characteristics, our edge protectors earned ISTA approvement, because it is quite clear that they easily exceed the specifications and requirements that are demanded for such products by national Motor Freight Classification. Moreover, all of this comes as a lower cost which is enabled by an ingenious design that also enables extremely simple procedures of packing.

Shipping Damage

One of the brilliant advantages of cardboard edge protectors is their ability to prevent abrasion damage that so frequently occurs during the shipments. This sort of devastation of items is caused by the vibrations that are present during the stage of shipping. For the purpose of preventing of such damage, Tuff Angle corner boards can be used as inner pack that increases stacking strength, as well as an air cell that improves clearance. On the other hand, it is even possible to utilize them instead of the box if you pair them with stretch wrap. In each of these cases, it is possible to apply an appropriate coating to lessen or totally eliminate potential scuffing. This practically means that there is no need for plastic bags that are sometimes used for this purpose. Since those plastic bags are much more expensive, this sort of protection reduces the overall cost, so the customers get multiple advantages.

Tuff Angle edge protectors are also very helpful in preventing incidents that are caused by banding when too much tension can bring to unwanted results. Our product excels in this situation due to its amazing cushioning that is enabled with patented triple folded design. The design in question reinforces the corners, which are traditionally the weakest part of the package, and absorbs the greatest chunk of tension. Finally, cardboard edge protectors are also very useful in preventing damage that happen during the material handling which is once again the result of clever design. It has been repeatedly proven that they offer sufficient protection for items to be moved by clamp trucks.


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