Save Money and Rest Assured While Your Product Gets Shipped

27 Jan Post by Tuff Angle

Save Money and Rest Assured While Your Product Gets Shipped

Shipping of items, as packaging professionals surely already know by now, is a potentially dangerous stage. The transportation of packages carries many risks and can ultimately cause the damages to various products. None of the harmed products can meet demands and standards that are necessary so that they would be appealing and in accordance with the desires of either salesmen or customers. For this reason, companies can get on a slippery-slope which bares the risk of smaller profits or even losses. Naturally, everyone who values his business will do its best to make sure this is avoided, because even the slightest unexpected expenses carry the risk of falling behind the competitors. And even the problem that seemed as a slight issue has the potential to cause the avalanche of setbacks.

Fortunately, the situation is not that bleak as it might seem after these facts. There is a simple way to protect your shipments. As have you probably guessed by now, that solution is the use of Tuff Angle Edge Protectors. Let us elaborate why this is so. The biggest threats during shipping are vibrations that are common in this stage and that have the potential to create product abrasion. In order to prevent this from happening, the most common solution is to insure that shipments are stabilized as much as it is possible. That is why so many companies try to make their packages as tight as they can. The utilization of cardboard edge protectors is a convenient way to make this happen without having to increase the cost.

Because of their unique traits, it is possible to use edge protectors as an inner pack and in that way to make sure that the package will have increased stacking strength. Another possibility is utilizing them in the combination with stretchwrap and thus avoiding the inclusion of outer cardboard. This can bring to an additional reduction of costs for packaging, since this solution eliminates the need for pricy plastic bags and it replaces an additional operation in the process of packaging.

Once again, it is important to underline that Tuff Angle Edge Protectors are a great means to stabilize shipments. The possibility of insuring that each of the individual units is tight is available for many different products, since our company offers a wide array of cardboard edge protectors, with the thinnest of them being 3/16" and the thickest ones measuring 1 1/8". Another bonus in opting for our product is the fact that the actual strength is not directly determined by the thickness. Even better for those who require thicker edge protectors, neither is the price. For all the reasons listed above, it seems very clear that Tuff Angle Edge Protectors are the ultimate way of securing that no damage occurs during the shipments, while simultaneously keeping the expenses lower than expected.


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