Proven, Tested, Never Bested

16 Feb Post by Tuff Angle

Proven, Tested, Never Bested

In order to be ahead of the competition and to make our product superior to other packaging options, Tuff Angle Edge Protectors incorporate a host of patented solutions that significantly improve it. All of the amazing traits of this versatile product are tested by an independent facility with the use of the prescribed procedures. These tests clearly show that cardboard edge protectors are reliable choice which offers maximal safety and protection for the packages at the reduced cost.

One of the tests that were done to determine the strength of protection that edge protectors provide was performed in Cincinnati. The mail goal of the examination was to show how edge protectors would serve as a means to package a large picture frame. Rather sturdy yet at the same time somewhat delicate, the large item with the dimensions of 31 ¼’’ x 24 ½’’ x 8’’ and the weight of 15 ¼ lbs. was chosen in order to show how Tuff Angle Edge Protectors work.

As it was noted, the staff of the lab wanted to evaluate the products endurance and its applicability as a protector of goods during the domestic and overnight shipping. To check Tuff Angle Edge Protector’s strength, the lab personnel decided to perform controlled exposure to vibration and freefall. This procedure is utilized in order to figure out how a package responds to usual conditions that occur or might occur during shipping. It is suppose to mimic the shocks and bumps that are stressing the items during a truck or an airplane ride. The package that is tested gets repetitively vibrated for thousand times, turned over and then it is subjected to shock vibrations again, with another series of thousands of impacts. The orientation of the vibrations is changed during the test to provide more accurate results.

After the lab personnel shook the package well and got over with this part of the test, it was time for testing how it would react to freefalling. This part of the simulation of shipping hazards involves dropping the package from the height 30''. In order to get a clearer picture of how the package would react if it is dropped, this procedure also requires changes. The package is tested ten times, and each time is dropped on a different side.

After all of these abuses, shocks and bumps, the contents of the package were examined. As it turned out, the test that is absolute accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 standard showed that cardboard edge protectors do meat requirements and are safe and reliable. The inspection after the heavy abuse of the package has shown only minor abrasions on the bottom and sides, but no other damage.

The performed way of determining the strength of the package is in accordance to the regulations of the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA). However, testing being used also correspond to rules and standard procedures of American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI), Department of Transportation (DOT), Federal Specifications and Standards and Military Specification.


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