Peculiar Packaging and Shipping Experiences

09 Apr Post by Tuff Angle

Peculiar Packaging and Shipping Experiences

Even though there is always a certain possibility that there will be some problems with the packaging and shipments of various items, some recorded cases even exceed the wildest imagination. For the people who are directly affected with those unfortunate incidents, it is probably not that interesting or funny. However, the rest are usually amused with unexpected situation that can happen.

One of the unusual stories that occurred is expressed through the experience of Billy Hudson from Iowa, who found out that even when the package comes unharmed, it does not necessarily mean that there will be no problems. His problems started when he tried to “liberate” the item from the package. The product in question was a writing desk, made of solid oak wood. As it is expected, that sort of item is very heavy. In order to prevent the damages on the sturdy and valuable package, the company that sent the item decided to secure the desk with several layers and cushioning. That apparently helped to maintain the integrity of the table, but also made the task of unwrapping it extremely laborious.

Peculiar Shipping Accidents

The first problem was removing the giant cardboard box that was used for packaging. In addition, the box had a warning written on it according to which in the case of the return of the product, the packaging needs to be preserved. For this reason, Mr. Hudson was very careful with the use of scissors and scalpel that he slashed the tape with. Another difficulty was to take out the massive desk from the box and it required a fair amount of sweat until he finally somehow succeeded to slide it from underneath. The next required step was to remove all the polystyrene sheets that were used to wrap the product, with the minimum amount of damage in the process. After this, he had to unscrew the handles of drawers that were fitted inside to prevent damage during transport. Only after all of these steps and two hours of hard work, it was all done. Once again, it was proven that complicated packaging requires a multitude of tedious operations while wrapping and unwrapping, which is quite opposite to when you decide to use cardboard edge protectors to secure the product in question.

Another peculiar story involves an accident that happened with the company from New Zealand that wanted to transport its goods to Ireland two years ago. It is the ironic story of very valuable package of fine wine, worth almost one million dollars. In this instance, the ironic part was that it was wine made by Astrolabe manufacturer and that the container ship got stuck on Astrolabe reef during the transport. This sort of cruel irony was not funny at all to the representatives of New Zealand company that had to deal with immense loses, because the shipments missed the dead line, and was not delivered until the Christmas for which it was intended.


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