More Packaging Accidents

20 Apr Post by Tuff Angle

More Packaging Accidents

It is not that seldom that the goods get damaged during the packaging and shipping and there are quite a few reasons why that is so. Sometimes, the reasons for accidents with products that are packed are the poor choice of packaging solutions, inadequate choice of material that cannot withstand pressure or protect the items. In other cases, the main reason is the fragile nature of the products that are being packed, unprofessional work or a simple sloppiness. Whatever the reason may be, people who receive damaged goods suffer financial losses and often get very upset because of it. Of course, each of these problems can be prevented with the use of Tuff Angle edge protectors that due to its unique characteristics can safeguard almost every product, even the most fragile ones. However, there are some people who are not using cardboard edge protectors or other adequate packaging solutions and end up with damaged goods. Here are some stories and negative experiences that occurred during packing and transport. Though it is quite certain that people who were affected by these incidents do not find them amusing as others, it is in a way a good experience that can help people prevent the same unfortunate events in the future.

Shipping Accidents

The first case is one of Ellen Harding from New York who ordered a power mixer on Ebay. She was promised by the seller that the product will come packed safely with the use of Styrofoam and bubble wrap. Likewise, she was told that the box will be marked as “fragile” and at that point everything seemed to be working like a charm. However, as soon as she laid her eyes on the package, she was aware that there will be problems with her new mixer. The first obvious fault was the fact that the item was put in a box that was too small for the entire product to be fitted inside. The seller had a ‘clever’ way to compensate it, and it involved pieces of cardboard and duct tape. Besides, instead of bubble wrap, the seller used newspapers. At the end, she got a non-functional product, but fortunately, she was able to get her money back.

The other incident comes from the experience of Nick Johnson, a petrol-head from Pennsylvania who ordered a nice looking fender for his treasured car. Of course, he was greeted with an unpleasant sight when he received the package. To Mr. Johnson’s surprise, the seller decided to wrap it in simple plastic wrap that was too tight. That sort of choice meant that the fender was folded and wrapped in a way that brought to immediate damage, even before it was shipped. Sadly for the car enthusiast, the conditions did not involve any returns or refunds, so at the end, he lost money and got a product that he couldn’t use.


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