Flexible Sizes Appropriate for Any Product

27 Mar Post by Tuff Angle

Flexible Sizes Appropriate for Any Product

Sometimes, companies are faced with some situations for which they are not prepared for and that cannot be planned with utmost certainty. A good example of these problems is often the situation in which firms tend to send the shipments of items whose characteristics, such as size and shape, they do not know in advance. However, in spite of these uncertainties, in some instances, it is needed to have inventory supplies in order to maximize the speed of the procedure.

The most usual response to the difficulties of products with different traits are various stock-keeping units. This is not the ultimate or even appropriate solution, because it can cause multiple additional hardships. In some industries, it is almost impossible to guess what the item will look like, since its appearance changes constantly. Besides, it can also happen that, due to shape and size, the production of necessary boxes is not possible since it would not be economical to make them. So without appropriate solutions, the companies faced with the situation are forced to opt for custom packaging. Anyone who was faced with this hardship knows that custom packaging is not only difficult, but also unreasonably expensive. However, this is not the reason to despair, because there is a perfect cure for this – Tuff Angle edge protectors.

Our cardboard protectors can be effortlessly used to construct the needed suspension frame. Likewise, the procedure to do it never changes and can be done by anyone and it doesn’t consume much time. The whole thing can be done in a few minutes and works very well if you need to ship, for example, a picture frame (by the way, the applicability of corner boards to protect was proven in the lab, after extensive testing). With a few simple measurements, four width pieces of “jumbo sized’ corner boards (two of the same size as the frame’s width, and two that are two and a quarter inches longer), two width pieces and some glue, you will have a bottom tray that will fit perfectly and prevent any damages. After that, all you need is a top tray that can be made with four additional pieces that are also two and a quarter of inch longer) which will fit the bottom one and provide additional protection. The last step is to place a corrugated sheet over the openings and to attach it with glue (or tape or staples. With this simple procedure, your custom-made package is done almost instantly!

The only exception is if you are dealing with sensitive finishes. In that case is advisable to use a plastic barrier, a tissue or foam. But as the final result, you get an extremely safe custom packaging, at the very affordable price. Tuff Angle corner board has shown their amazing applicability once again!


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