Additional Perks of Edge Protectors

12 Mar Post by Tuff Angle

Additional Perks of Edge Protectors

Apart from its basic use in packaging, our corner boards have additional uses and convenient characteristics that are quite useful in all the stages of shipping products. Not only that Tuff Angle edge protectors perform exceptionally in safeguarding the item you want to pack, they also have a few unexpected uses, which only increases the number of reasons why they make such a great packing option. Likewise, these extraordinary qualities are enabled with their practical and clever design, so it is also possible to get the best product without having to pay more money. In fact, since they are extremely good at preventing various types of damages, and since they help in many stages and eliminate the need for extra protection that is often used, they in fact help you save money.

Cardboard edge protectors with the Tuff Angle brand have proven to be very helpful in preventing material handling damage. Once again, this due to the folded patented design that includes the process where corrugated layers are scored, smeared with glue and folded three times and then folded once again into the right angle. In this way, we achieve a triple protection of the product that naturally has an immense effect of minimizing the possibility of harmful effects on items while they are being handled. For this reason, Tuff Angle edge protectors have passed the tests of independent laboratories with flying colors, even though these trials of endurance of our packaging solution was used to protect a delicate matter, such is a picture frame. Apart from these challenges in the lab environment, cardboard edge protectors are regularly proving their worth in the field, whilst being moved in clamp trucks.

This brings us to another additional quality of Tuff Angle edge protectors which is their immense stacking strength that allows them to be used in the best possible manner during the storage and transport. Unlike the regular corner boards, our products enable vertical strength. In this way, it is possible to have two levels of stacking in a truck that is used for transfer, and even to utilize them for multi-stacking in warehouses. A feature like this helps you to use the space more rationally, and on the end, to save money. Furthermore, our product can be used to stabilize shipments. The list of perks does not end here just yet, because there is one more amazing use of edge protectors which can also serve as the product for portable racking. Naturally, this cannot be done in unstable situation or great heights, and can result in flattening over time. However, it is another great example of all the advantages you get if you opt for this product.


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