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Jack Robinson Jr began his packaging career at the age of 16 with Hoerner Waldorf in Lexington, North Carolina. A graduate of University of South Carolina, Jack grew up in the packaging business and it's many aspects. Having spent many years in production, sales service, sales, graphics, and management; eventually culminating in the start up of Volunteer Box LLC in October of 1994. Volunteer Box LLC is located just outside of Nashville in Gallatin, Tennessee. After many years as a full service corrugated box manufacture,r Tuff-Angle edge protectors were developed in response to the needs of the furniture and appliance industry. Clearly demonstrating since that time their value and superiority in the manufacturing and shipping environment.

Our edge protectors have protected everything from picture frames, grandfather clocks, LCD televisions, light gauge steel lockers and cabinets. They have protected the most precise telescopic lens through shipment then Sherpa to the top of the Chilean mountains for assembly.

These edge protectors can be used inside a box to provide reinforcement, air cell, cushioning, and strength for stacking in the warehouse. They may be used outside the box for strapping or for additional protection from handling. In the instance of an "open pack" they may be used with no box at all; which provides the manufacturer an opportunity to save on packaging cost; while at the same time offering the customer a unique visual before buying.

There are additional plans for expansion of the Tuff-Angle product line. Tuff-Angle products are highly engineer-able and we welcome any opportunity to work with you on any custom projects. Volunteer Box LLC remains committed
to anticipating and providing solutions for next generation packaging.


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